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Why Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Hinges are in Demand?

Heavy duty hinges possess a high load bearing capacity up to 2000 lbs. These hinges help balance the weight of swinging structures such as doors, gates, cabinets, etc. Hence, material consideration becomes one vital aspect when it comes to designing heavy duty hinges. Some common materials used to build heavy duty hinges, include aluminum, steel, copper, etc. Each material has typical properties, which serves its own specific purpose. Stainless steel is one of the most common materials for heavy duty hinges. What makes them popular? What are their benefits? Read the post to know answers. Continue reading

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Understanding Different Types of Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy duty hinges feature conventional J bolt arms and a mounting plate. These hinges are used in high-traffic doors and heavy gates. Based on their mode of usage, the heavy duty hinges have a high frequency of opening/closing rate of more than 25x per day. The heavy duty hinges are differentiated on the basis of their load bearing capacity and material of construction. This blog focuses on the various types of heavy duty hinges used in diverse industries and places. Continue reading

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Tips for Choosing Hinges for High Traffic Doors

Today, you can easily find hinges that are designed for doors or gates varying from 200 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. However, the hinges for high traffic doors are differentiated on various factors including their load bearing capacity, and materials of construction. If you considering one for high traffic door in your organization, then there are certain factors to the considered during the selection. This post highlights different factors that will come to aid during the selection. Continue reading

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Radiation Shielding Hinges – Years of Unfailing Service Guaranteed

Radiation shielding door hinges are precision designed to handle heavy lead lined medical/research doors. They are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials to withstand harsh industrial, scientific, and medical environments. These hinges are field proven for years of unfailing operation.

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