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What Factors Make Extra Heavy Duty Door Hinges Popular in High Security Areas?

Hinges facilitate the smooth movement of opening or closing of doors. These devices are fixed between the door and the door frame. There are different types of hinges used for a diverse range of applications. Each type has its own set of properties, and applications. Based on their application, the hinges can be categorized into three types – standard hinges, heavy duty hinges, and extra heavy duty hinges. Continue reading

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Three Well-Known Applications of Radiation Shielding Hinges

Radiation shielding hinges are designed to support applications in medical, laboratory, and industrial environments. They are manufactured using high performance materials like stainless steel and other metal alloys. Hence, they are known for functionality, performance durability, and long service life. Continue reading

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Radiation Shielding Hinges – Years of Unfailing Service Guaranteed

Radiation shielding door hinges are precision designed to handle heavy lead lined medical/research doors. They are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials to withstand harsh industrial, scientific, and medical environments. These hinges are field proven for years of unfailing operation.

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