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The Beneficial Features of Steel Vault Door Hinges

Everybody has seen a vault door at some point in time or the other. They are quite recognizable – they are heavyweight doors, usually made from thick metal, and can be opened using a code comprising numbers, alphabets, or both. As you can imagine, setting up these doors can be a task. Vault door hinges are the solution to this requirement. Continue reading

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Why Choose Security Hinges for your Bedroom

If you ask a home owner about security, he will probably tell you about the security doors at the front doors, the home security system, and maybe even motion detectors. But what about the bedrooms? This is the private space for your family, and this needs to be secured as well. This can be done by simply replacing your present door hinges with industrial security hinges. Continue reading

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Why Choose Stainless or Carbon Steel Security Hinges for Doors and Gates

Security hinges add to the protection of doors and gates of highly sensitive areas. They provide tamper resistant installations, and support today’s demanding security applications. Security hinges feature non-removable, heat treated pin with precision bearings. We offer hinge models for doors up to 2,000 lbs in weight and 800 lbs maximum radial load. Continue reading

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