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Tips to Choose the Right Gate Hinge for Your Application

Hinges serve as an anchor to a door or access point and enable movement. They also keep the door stable and work like joints. The same is applicable for gates. Gates are major access points that need to be robust especially when they have a high amount of traffic. While most gates used to be wooden, nowadays, robust materials such as steel and vinyl have replaced wood. However, these heavy gates need an equally strong anchor and hence choosing the right type of hinges for your gate is crucial. This post discusses the significance of certain types of gate hinges and tips to choose the right ones for your application.

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9 Steps to Designing and Installing Custom Hinges – Part I

A variety of trailers, conveyors, and harvesters are used by the agriculture industry to support efficient crop production, while lowering labor costs. As most of these machines are motor driven, the motors need to be protected from the various external contaminants. A proper hood design with heavy duty hinges can properly protect the motors of agricultural equipment. Continue reading

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Understanding Different Types of Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy duty hinges feature conventional J bolt arms and a mounting plate. These hinges are used in high-traffic doors and heavy gates. Based on their mode of usage, the heavy duty hinges have a high frequency of opening/closing rate of more than 25x per day. The heavy duty hinges are differentiated on the basis of their load bearing capacity and material of construction. This blog focuses on the various types of heavy duty hinges used in diverse industries and places. Continue reading

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