Strong and Reliable TG & P Keyed Shafts For Varied Applications

The Sturdy 1045 TG & P Keyed Shaft for Providing Optimum Functionality

When your applications demand keyed shafts with higher dimensional accuracy, consider procuring 1045 TG & P keyed shaft from Kiesler Machine, Inc. Compared to 1018 steel, 1045 steel contains higher carbon content. This makes the shaft stronger allowing it to be used in strenuous and heavy duty industrial applications. Since the material is turned, ground, and polished (TG&P) 1045 steel keyed shafts feature better bearing fits and less vibration compared to their counterparts.

1045 Keyed Shafts – Known for Unsurpassed Quality and Accuracy

There are several benefits/features that make 1045 keyed shafts superior than many other steel grades. They offer unmatched operational excellence as they are turned, ground, and polished. This is done to achieve a high degree of surface perfection, straightness, accuracy, and concentricity.


1045 TG & P keyed shafts are largely selected for several demanding applications as they feature:

  • Provide vibration free operation at high speeds
  • Superior construction using high grade steel, hence respond to heat treating
  • Exhibits excellent mechanical properties compared to low carbon steel
  • Available in tensile strength of 82,000 PSI and yield point = 45,000 PSI
  • Can be custom machined to preferred shaft diameter, shaft length, keyway width, and keyway depth

Turned, Ground, and Polished Keyed Shafts for Various Industrial Sectors

1045 TG & P keyed shafts are widely used for high speed shafting applications in:

  • Manufacturing
  • HVAC
  • OEM
  • Construction and Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Power Transmission

At Kiesler Machine, Inc., 1045 TG & P keyed shafts are produced in-house utilizing best-in-class raw materials and advanced manufacturing technique. Also, we have the team of proficient engineers and technicians who understand your requirements and provide the right product within the stipulated time.