Metric Aluminum Threaded Handles Assure Easy Mounting

Metric Aluminum Threaded Handles Popular for their Smart Design and Rugged Build

Kiesler Machine, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of metric aluminum threaded handles that offer a firm grip. We source only the highest quality materials from reliable vendors to produce metric aluminum tapered handles. Hence, you can be assured of long years of service with flawless operation. We use solid aluminum for the machine handles and low carbon steel or stainless steel for the threaded stud. Also, the handles are given a polished finish to improve their corrosion, and enhance the operator’s experience.

Superior Build that Incorporates Unique Features

We always strive to manufacture products that provide maximum benefits to the end users. Our range of industrial metric handles is the result of our quality design and proven engineering capabilities. Metric aluminum threaded handles are widely preferred as they are associated with the following benefits/features.

  • Smart design, that allows for easy mounting and safe installation.
  • Feature 6061 aluminum body.
  • Comprehensively polished to augment operator appeal.

Suitable for Strenuous and Harsh Industrial Environments

Metric aluminum tapered handles perform exceptionally well in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Engineered and manufactured to strict international quality standards, these are suitable for applications in the following industries:

  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Steel
  • Construction
  • Railway

We Guarantee the Quality and Functionality of Industrial Metric Handles

No product leaves our plant without rigorous inspections. These comprehensive quality checks help us deliver products that are unmatched in their performance and unsurpassed in their durability.