303 Stainless Steel Double Split Shaft Collars Featuring Immense Clamping Power

Smartly Designed with Immense Holding Power

Double split shaft collars, which are engineered using two screws to clamp the collar to the shaft, are known for its excellent holding power. In the two-piece collar, screws are equally spaced on both sides of the collar, allowing the collar to grip the shaft . At Kiesler Machine, Inc., we maintain a large inventory of two-piece clamp-on shaft collars in a wide range of bore sizes. Customers can choose the most appropriate collar type depending on their requirements and intended application areas.

Widely Chosen for Its Superior Attributes

Largely used for holding bearings and sprockets onto shafts, and situating components in motor and gearbox assemblies, the product is widely appreciated for its features including:

  • Can be easily installed, Immense clamping power makes them securely fit once installed.
  • Distribute equal force along the circumference of the shaft.
  • The use of high grade stainless steel for manufacturing makes them corrosion-resistant.

The simple design of these stainless steel split shaft collars provides the advantage of easy maintenance as well.

Industries Served

303 grade stainless steel double split shaft collars are used in a variety of markets including:

  • Power Generation
  • Military
  • Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Food Processing
  • Agricultural
  • OEM manufacturing


Using the right type of two-piece clamp-on shaft collars is essential to achieving expected results. We will ensure that you purchase the right kind of shaft collars that provide you maximum benefits. Effective communication with clients helps us understand their specific requirements, and allows us to suggest the most appropriate shaft collar for their applications.