303 Stainless Steel Single Split Shaft Collar Designed for Safe Installation

Providing Greater Axial Holding Power

Single split shaft collars ensure even distribution of clamping forces along the circumference of the shaft. These industrial shaft collars are appreciated for their excellent holding power and exceptional performance in demanding industrial applications. Moreover, they are popular as they are easy to install/remove and easily adjustable. At Kiesler Machine, Inc., you can procure this innovative product in preferred bore sizes as required for your application at economical prices.

Ideal for Hard or Soft Shafts

Our range of single split shaft collars are designed to be used on virtually any shaft. We offer different types of industrial collars with features unsurpassed by none in the market. The single split collars feature:

  • Better clamping power as compared to conventional set screw shaft collars
  • Constructed using 303 stainless steel; hence guarantees a superior level of corrosion and oxidation resistance.
  • Manufactured with superior finish and fit.
  • Imported from top manufacturers.

Single split industrial shaft collars are made to last. They are unaffected in varied temperature ranges and when in contact with harshest industrial environments.

Where are they Typically Used?

The single split shaft collars features make them popular among customers from industries including:

  • Power transmission
  • Agricultural
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • OEM Manufacturing

We are committed to providing maximum support to customers by keeping our price low, while not compromising on the quality. We provide exciting discounts on large volume orders. Even in our tight business schedule, we ensure that our products are delivered on a schedule meeting your requirements.