304 Stainless Steel Light Duty Weld Nut Permitting Faster Assembly

304 Stainless Grade Weld Nuts – Known for Hassle Free Functionality and Robust Construction

When you need weld nuts for light duty fastening applications in corrosion prone environments, consider sourcing the item from Kiesler Machine. Inc. We guarantee on time delivery of high quality products that are made keeping varied customers’ requirements in mind. We follow a quality conscious approach that helps us retain the position of the most reliable source for weld nuts with unmatched operational excellence.

304 Stainless Welding Nuts – Manufactured from Quality Tested Raw Materials

Weld nuts manufactured from 304 stainless steel possess an excellent combination of corrosion resistance, immense strength, and fabricability. With quality being the prime concern, we ensure that the weld nuts are manufactured to exact specifications and intended quality standards. Type 304 grade stainless steel nuts are widely chosen due to their various attributes, such as:

  • Good machinability and outstanding weldability characteristics
  • Exceptional ambient and low temperature toughness properties
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosive solvents
  • Available in standard or metric sizes for both corner or straight mounting applications

Custom Machined Weld Nuts for Light Duty Applications across Industries

Applications of 304 weld nuts are endless. We have a huge inventory of durable weld nuts that are used in applications in different industries, including:

  • Chemical processing
  • Refineries
  • Construction
  • Transportation

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced equipment, which helps us undertake bulk orders. Be it a small or large project, we ensure to deliver the final product within the stipulated delivery time, whilst meeting exceptional product quality.