Types of Heavy-Duty Hinges and Their Implementation in Commercial and Industrial Applications

Heavy Duty Hinges
Heavy Duty Hinges

Hinges are an important part of any door or window as they connect them with the frame to hold it firm. They also facilitate movement. Some entry doors in commercial establishments may experience a lot of traffic and hence are frequently opened and closed. The doors in industrial facilities are made of metals and are heavy for security, confidentiality, and other reasons. In these scenarios, heavy duty hinges are necessary. These hinges are rugged and have a huge load bearing capacity. If used rightly in commercial designs, these heavy duty hinges make the doors structurally stable and also add to the aesthetics. This post discusses applications of heavy duty hinges in commercial and industrial facilities.

A Few Common Applications of Heavy Duty Hinges in Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Most heavy duty hinges are made of robust metals such as carbon, steel, stainless steel, brass, and so on, which offers them an excellent load bearing capacity and resistance to corrosion, moisture, heat, and so on. Here are some types heavy duty hinges used in a variety of doors and gates as well as equipment based on their applications.

  • Military hinges: These hinges are used in armored vehicles, ammunition carts, blast doors in research and development laboratories and military gates. They are robust and used for heavy-traffic doors in harsh environments. Even with continuous opening and closing, they have a good operational life.
  • Vault hinges: Vaults in banks and financial institutions as well as in homes are made of heavy metal. They are robust with a rugged construction that is tamper proof and essential for the level of security required in this segment.
  • Rotating or glass door aesthetic hinges: These hinges need to be robust as well as aesthetic. Mainly, pivot hinges are used for glass doors, swinging doors, and so on, as they have a unique design that enables both aesthetic appeal and functionality. These hinges operate on a pivot point unlike conventional hinges that attach to the door frame and door leaf. They have thrust bearings which offer them load bearing capacity. These are mostly attached at the top and bottom of the door or offset from the centerline. They find applications requiring sleek door and window designs and may be mostly hidden from direct view.
  • Farm gate hinges: These are made of heavy duty steel and used to secure doors in farms, gardens, and barns. These hinges have a robust construction, and offer excellent corrosion and moisture resistance. This is essential as they are constantly exposed to outdoor environment. These hinges may be adjustable, which allows fine tuning the alignment and balance of the gate. This ensures a smooth and long-lasting operational life.
  • Radiation shielding hinges: As the term may imply, these hinges can shield and withstand UV radiations, and hence find application in nuclear research and power plants, medical and radiology departments, scientific research, petroleum exploration, aerospace, and more. These hinges are designed to complement lead-lined doors and walls which prevents radiation leaks through gaps or seams around the door frame.

If you are looking for premium-quality heavy duty hinges for your commercial and industrial doors that are customizable and have a long operating life, ensure you source them from a reliable manufacturer and supplier. Kiesler Machine is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of superior-quality heavy duty hinges of various types, which are quite low on maintenance. The company provides these hinges in custom designs and specifications. You can contact our team for any further information you require about these hinges.

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