Heavy Duty Butt Hinges

Heavy Duty Butt Hinges – Meeting The Needs of Various Industries

Among the several types of hinges we manufacture, butt hinges are the most economical to fabricate. These types of hinges are one of the most extensively used hinges. Most commonly, the heavy duty butt hinges are of the size 6 inches or shorter. These heavy duty hinges have multiple uses, and hence can be seen installed in a wide range of application areas. However, the most common application of the formed butt hinges is to facilitate smooth operation of doors in commercial and industrial applications. At Kiesler Machine, we are known for manufacturing high-quality heavy-duty formed butt hinges that can deliver optimal performance for years of reliable service. 

We start with laser cut blanks from hot rolled steel plate and form the barrel from the leaf portion making a one-piece hinge that is very reasonable cost to fabricate and very strong and durable.

Our formed butt hinges are manufactured from carbon steel material with a hardened alloy steel pin and thrust bearings.

Our Products
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    Model Number Door Weight
    Radial Load
    Size(w/h) Material Finish Hand Technical Data Price Order
    400 /300 LBS 5" X 4" Carbon Steel Plain or Primer NA

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    400 /300 LBS 6" X 4" Carbon Steel Plain or Primer NA

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    400 /300 LBS 5" X 5" Carbon Steel Plain or Primer NA

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    400 /300 LBS 6" X 5" Carbon Steel Plain or Primer NA

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    400 /300 LBS 6" X 6" Carbon Steel Plain or Primer NA

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    Heavy Duty Butt Hinges Capabilities

    We can provide you these hinges in the following capabilities:

    • Material Thickness: 3/16, ¼  thick.
    • Pin Diameter: .375, .500 
    • Open Width: 4.00″ and wider.
    • Height: Up to 6.00” tall.

    Beneficial Features of Heavy Duty Butt Hinges

    The formed butt hinges that we provide are popularly used in various applications owing to their several beneficial features, which are as follows:

    • These hinges feature a durable construction, which makes them suitable for heavy weight doors.
    • Very economical to produce.
    • Heavy duty design for years of trouble-free service.
    • Non-handed for either right- or left-hand operation.

    Applications of Heavy-Duty Formed Butt Hinges

    The many advantages and features of these hinges make them suitable for use in a number of applications. The following are some applications which use these types of hinges on a large scale:

      • Ships
      • Armored Vehicles
      • Machinery Guards
      • Outdoor Equipment
      • Fire Doors
      • Container Doors
      • Cabinet Doors
      • Interior & Exterior Doors

    At Kiesler Machine, we are committed towards quality and customer satisfaction. Being a customer-centric company, our experts always assist clients in building hinge solutions that meet their typical requirements. They work closely with clients to understand their industrial requirements, before designing customized butt hinges or other industrial hinges for them. This has helped us build a long list of happy and satisfied customers.