Hinges for Original Equipment Manufacturer

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) look for outstanding quality when sourcing hinges of varied types. To meet the requirements of such a quality conscious market, we at Kiesler Machine keep a large inventory of ready-to-ship hinges for original equipment manufacturers, which can be customized according to their requirements or fabricated to their designs. As an industrial hinge manufacturer, we specialize in producing heavy duty hinges that rightly suit the requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket companies. Proudly Made in the USA, we ensure to provide the customers from the OEM markets the finest range of hinges that withstand impact, corrosion and rigorous environmental conditions, among others.


Types of Hinges for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Being a leading hinges manufacturer, you will find a wide selection of hinges for your applications. No matter the application, industrial requirements, or project specificities, the team Kiesler Machine brings you the hinges within the stipulated time by following the industry set guidelines and standards. The following are the hinges types we usually cater to the customers in the OEM market.

You will get the option to customize these hinges for original equipment manufacturer in required materials, finishes, sizes, and configurations as per the requirements of the applications. As we work closely with the customers from the design phase throughout the entire production stage, they can be rest assured with the compliance of hinges with the specifications provided.

Benefits of Procuring Hinges from Kiesler Machine Inc

Original Equipment Manufacturers benefit from our partnership in several ways. We not only bring you unsurpassed quality but also assure unmatched technical assistance. Your questions are instantly answered by the experts here. The hinges for original equipment manufacturers are known for their:

  • Long lasting performance owing to its built using carbon steel or 316L or 304L stainless steel
  • Adherence to stringent specifications and regulations
  • Durable construction using hardened and ground alloy steel pins
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Ability to withstand abusive environments
  • Reliable construction for years of reliable service
  • Smooth operation

Application Areas

There are endless applications of hinges when it comes to the OEM market. Our products, not only hinges but also keyed shaft, shaft collars, steel hubs and sprocket hubs can be used to support the manufacturing sectors.

Please contact us for your OEM requirements. Prototype hinges, small quantity or bulk quantity. Let us know your specific requirements. Being an experienced hinges manufacturer, we will cater to your demands with the best solutions that surpass your expectations.

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