Security Door Hinges Suitable for Heavy Duty Doors

Security Door Hinges – Great Choice for Safeguarding Doors and Gates

Attaching your commercial, institutional or residential doors and gates using the right kind of security door hinges can enhance a building’s security. Security hinges are specially designed in to be tamper resistant and capable of years of service in high usage areas such as prison doors and gates. When your application demands reliable security door hinges, consider procuring them from Kiesler Machine, Inc., the name trusted for quality hinges.

High Security Door Hinges for Safeguarding Heavy Doors

Fabricated from corrosion resistant stainless steel or carbon steel, these security hinges enhance the strength, durability and efficiency of your heavy duty doors and gates. Available in sizes for doors up to 2,000 lbs. with a maximum radial load of 800 lbs. Customers can either choose standard security door hinges or can customize the hinges by changing the width, length, or a variety of plating options.


Our range of stainless steel and carbon steel security hinges are widely chosen for their benefits/ features such as:

  • Non-handed for both right hand and left hand mounting
  • Fabricated with precise bearings for years of maintenance free service
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Tamper resistant pin design

Typical Application Areas of Security Door Hinges

Stainless steel and carbon steel security door hinges are reliably used in industries/sectors including:

  • Health Care and Medical Establishments
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Institutions
  • Educational Facilities
  • Prison and Detention Centers

Choose the Most Appropriate Hinges to Secure your Doors

Kiesler Machine, Inc. specializes in providing security hinge solutions at reasonable prices from a single door to a large facility. Our hinges are interchangeable with our competitors and available in weld-on or supplied with mounting holes. We have hinges in stock for immediate shipment.