304 Stainless Steel Mortise Hinges

Industrial mortise hinges are the popular and widely used forms of hinges that guarantee the smooth functioning of medium and heavy-duty doors, gates or windows. There are a wide range of standard as well as customized mortise hinges available that are designed to be a mortise installation. Among the category of industrial mortise hinges, the most popular forms are 304 Stainless Steel Mortise Hinges. These hinges are widely chosen for their maintenance-free performance, rugged design and durability. At Kiesler Machine, Inc, we offer rust and corrosion resistant medium and heavy-duty stainless steel mortised hinges that possess greater load-bearing capabilities. Our range of 304 stainless steel mortise hinges are used in many applications across the construction, industrial, manufacturing and OEM requirements.

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    Model Number Door Weight
    Radial Load
    Size(w/h) Material Finish Hand Technical Data Price Order
    800 /320 LBS 11 7/8" X 5" 304L Stainless Steel Plain NA

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    1200 /400 LBS 11 7/8" X 6" 304L Stainless Steel Plain NA

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    2000 /800 LBS 6 1/4" X 5" 304L Stainless Steel Plain NA

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    Beneficial Features of 304 Stainless Steel Mortise Hinges

    Ideal for high-usage situations, stainless steel mortise hinges provide the performance and reliability required for severe industrial applications. The reasons to invest in our 304 stainless steel mortise hinges include:

    • Our range of medium and heavy-duty mortise hinges are precision made for non-corrosive, tamper resistant design.
    • Suitable for all kinds of metal and wood doors and gates, these industrial hinges are designed for maintenance-free operation.
    • They can resist chemical corrosion and oxidation, making them a suitable choice for harsh applications.
    • Ideally suited for industrial environments, outdoor environments, dairy equipment, and food industry facilities.
    • Suitable for high traffic gates and doors.
    • The hinges are designed as non-handed, which means they can be installed in left or right hand configuration.
    • Our range of heavy duty mortise hinges is widely established for their unappalled reliability and extended service life. Designed to support different door weights, these industrial mortise hinges are available in the following types:
    • Performance-driven designs of these medium and heavy industrial mortise hinges have helped improve their popularity across various industries where door weights and security are a major concern.
    • The “MB” series hinges are provided with oil-lite bronze bushings for medium duty gates and doors.
    • Our “M” series hinges have needle bearings and thrust bearings with dust seals for heavy-duty applications.

    Applications of 304 Stainless Steel Mortise Hinges

    Since the inception, we have delivered stainless steel mortise hinges to various industries. These hinges are designed for the following applications:

    • Exterior Doors and Gates
    • Interior Doors and Gates
    • Containment Gates
    • Vault Doors
    • Security Gates
    • Container Doors