Carbon Steel KB Barrel Hinges

KB barrel hinges are the most popular and widely used heavy duty hinges due to their exceptional load-bearing capacity and economical pricing. Hence, they are an excellent choice for various commercial and industrial applications, such as heavy-duty containment doors, gates, and vaults, etc. These barrel hinges are manufactured using high-quality carbon steel. The carbon steel construction lends durability to these heavy-duty barrel hinges. We offer these hinges in standard and custom sizes based on the application requirements.

Beneficial Features of Carbon Steel KB Barrel Hinges

Our carbon steel barrel hinges offer various beneficial features that have immensely contributed to their popularity. This metal is economical and possess high strength. The following are some important features of these heavy duty hinges.

  • Heavy duty barrel hinges have full billet construction, making them highly durable for high traffic and challenging environments.
  • These heavy-duty barrel hinges are chosen for the heavy weight gates and doors in interior or exterior installations.
  • Non-handed design allows for either left-hand or right-hand mounting.
  • They are equipped with needle bearings and a needle thrust bearing, ensuring years of maintenance-free service.
  • Heavy duty barrel hinges utilize a heat-treated and precision ground alloy steel pin for smooth and hassle-free operation.
  • These hinges are sealed and lubricated for life.
  • These hinges can be provided primer coated, hot dipped galvanized or zinc plated.
  • Our heavy-duty barrel hinges for gates and doors are weld mounted.
  • KB barrel hinges are easy to install.
  • Kiesler Machine Inc hinges are proudly Made in the USA and in stock for instant shipment.

Applications of Carbon Steel KB Barrel Hinges

Due to various beneficial features, the carbon steel KB barrel hinges are widely used in the following applications:

  • Containment cabinets
  • Automation equipment
  • Steel doors
  • Containment cabinets
  • Lead-filled radiation doors
  • Container doors
  • Automation equipment
  • Heavy duty vault doors
  • Machinery doors
  • Industrial and residential gates
  • Research and development labs