316 Stainless Steel KB Barrel Hinges

KB Barrel Hinges are one of the important types of heavy-duty door hinges offered by Kiesler Machine Inc. We provide these barrel hinges in various material options including 316L stainless steel. Our 316L stainless steel heavy-duty barrel hinges are ideal for gates and doors in highly corrosive or marine (salt water) environments.

Beneficial Features of 316L stainless steel KB Barrel Hinges

There are several different models of heavy duty barrel gate hinges and door hinges for your consideration. Some important features are as follows.

  • These hinges can hold a vertical load in the range of 1000 lbs to 13000 lbs and radial load in the range of 400 lbs to 6820 lbs.
  • They come with weld-on mounting style, which helps ensure extra security to doors and gates in commercial and industrial facilities.
  • They are offered in non-handed design, making them ideal for left-hand or right-hand installation.
  • 316L stainless steel KB barrel hinges feature needle bearings and a needle thrust bearing.
  • 316L stainless steel billet construction of these barrel hinges assures high durability, corrosion resistance, sustainability and affordability.
  • Heat treated and precision ground alloy steel pin assure smooth performance of doors and gates and years of maintenance free service.
  • KB barrel hinges are provided with a dust seal to keep lubrication in and contaminates out.
  • As all other heavy-duty door and gate hinges, these 316L stainless steel KB barrel hinges are fully manufactured in the USA using domestic raw materials.
  • This helps us ensure quality and the highest level of craftsmanship.
  • 316L stainless steel heavy duty barrel hinges are an ideal choice for applications where they may be exposed to corrosive elements such as saltwater sprays, chemicals and other highly corrosive environments.

Applications of 316L stainless steel KB Barrel Hinges

The following are a few popular applications of 316L stainless steel barrel hinges provided by Kiesler Machine Inc.

  • Vault doors
  • Containment gates
  • Exterior gates and doors
  • Cabinet doors
  • Shipping containers
  • Processing equipment and application machinery
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Industrial security gates
  • Marine applications