Providing Quality Items for the Medical Industry

Although hinges are used everywhere and across industries, specific types of hinges are made for different industries based on their requirements. Hinges used in the medical industry have specific application areas and are needed to be reliable and readily available for new installations or replacements. Kiesler Machine Inc. offers hinges for medical industries in various specifications. We have experience of over three decades and are a specialized hinge manufacturer for the medical industry.

Types of Hinges Used in the Medical Industry

Kiesler Machine Inc. offers a variety of superior quality, heavy-duty hinges to the medical industry that includes hospitals, clinics, R&D labs, and more. Here are a few types of heavy-duty hinges offered:

  • Radiation shielding hinges: These fall under heavy duty hinges and are either left hand or right hand. These hinges can withstand the constant movement of nuclear medicine, research labs and other extreme environments.
  • Vault hinges: Vault hinges are used for doors covering high-risk environments in hospitals and assure maximum security.
  • Linear accelerator door hinges: Linear accelerator doors are used for radiation therapy units in oncology departments of hospitals. We specialize in making LINAC door hinges required for such doors.


Apart from the most obvious benefit of facilitating movement, these hinges used in the medical industry offer other advantages. Here are some of them:

  • It reduces the wear and tear of the door.
  • Our carbon steel or 304 or 316 stainless steel are corrosion and chemical resistant.
  • Our heavy-duty hinges can be directly mounted onto the frame.
  • We use an oil seal to keep our hinges lubricated and prevent contamination.

Applications of hinges in the Medical Industry

The medical industry requires heavy-duty hinges that can withstand high traffic for many years of service without breakdowns. Our hinges are field proven to meet these demands. Interchangeable with our competitors hinges and in stock for immediate shipment. Here are a few application areas of our hinges in the medical industry:

  • Radiation shielding doors at R&D labs and hospitals
  • Radiology and oncology departments
  • Cabinet doors
  • Vault doors
  • Neutron shielding doors in nuclear research and medical departments

Over the years, we have built a list of satisfied customers. This was only possible due to our commitment to deliver quality products on time and at competitive prices. We have invested in the right technologies and resources, which allow us to stay true to our commitment and serve customers above their requirements. Call us at 888-565-6610 or email [email protected]