Providing Quality Items for the Medical Industry

Kiesler Machine, products are well suited to support a variety of medical equipment and applications. Our hinges are available in mild steel or 304 or 316 stainless steel. We offer fully keyed shafts in 1045 TG&P, stainless steel shaft collars and more.

Our heavy duty hinges provide strength and support for installation and operation of neutron shielding doors, cabinet doors, etc. These door types are used for radiology and oncology labs, research and development facilities and other applications requiring high capacity hinges. These hinges are maintenance free and provide a long life for years of trouble free service.

Keyed Shafts keyed shafts made from 1045 TG&P (turned, ground & polished) steel to prevent excessive vibration and wear and tear of other components. They are used with medical appliances such as door openers, trolley systems, turn tables and medical instruments and processes.

Machine Handles

Our machine handles are excellent devices that can be used on a wide range of medical equipment. We offer them in mild steel or aluminum for press fit or threaded mount in standard or metric.

Shaft Collars

Constructed from 303 stainless steel, our shaft collars are available in single split or double split for your convenience and ease of installation. For OEM or maintenance repairs.