Supporting Military Products in Various Defense Applications

Kiesler Machine, Inc. - products provide benefits of durability, strength, and corrosion resistance for military vehicles and other applications that are used in daily as well as extreme environments.


Our military hinges are the perfect solutions for heavy steel lined vehicles and equipment that is used by the military. Common applications include loading and access doors. The hinges are extremely useful for heavy and oversized doors needed for the protection of soldiers in hostile environments.

Keyed Shafts

Keyed shafts are used in many power transmissions and HVAC applications. We can custom manufacture shafts per your drawings to meet the necessary application requirement.

Shaft Collars shaft collars are imported from quality suppliers and are available in 303 stainless steel in either single split or double split design.

Weld Nuts

We manufacture custom weld nuts for use in a variety of military automotive vehicles, as well as stationary and mobile equipment. They are extremely useful for corner mounting. They can be used with a broad range of applications

Sprockets and Sprocket Hubs

We provide standard and custom sprockets and sprocket hubs for chain applications that can be used in military tanks, troop transporters, armored trucks, and a variety of military off-road vehicles.