Supporting the Performance of Agricultural Equipment

Kiesler Machine, offers a variety of solution driven products for agricultural applications. Each of our products is designed to support the smooth functioning of various types of agricultural equipment and farming implements. Our products provide solutions such as aesthetics, corrosion resistance, and durable performance.

Our stainless steel hinges are the best choice for agricultural applications where hinges are in contact with cleaning chemicals for dairy farms, chemicals for crops or any corrosive environments.

Machine Handles

We also offer polished solid machine handles in for press fit or welded mounting. Tapered handles have either standard or metric threaded stud for direct replacement. The polished machine handles are constructed from mild steel while the tapered handles are made from aluminum. These are appropriate for equipment such as graders, tractors, sprayers, tillers, and shredders.

Sprockets and Sprocket Hubs

Our stock and fabricated sprockets and sprocket hubs can be used to support the load handling capacity of roller chains in equipment such as combine harvesters, round balers, and planting equipment to name a few.