Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get the hinges drilled for bolt on applications?
    Ans- Yes, We can put your hole pattern or a standard pattern.


  • I need to replace the HP1 hub in an arm for a folding machine. Is your hub cast iron?
    Ans- No. It is mild steel which is weldable for easy replacement or new installations.


  • My Company is tax exempt for resale and the shopping cart wont let me continue without charging tax. How can I not pay tax?
    Ans- Call toll free at 888-565-6610 and our resentative will enter your information.


  • I have a saw arbor that is 2 11/16 diameter. Would your keyed shaft be suitable?
    Ans- Yes. 1045 TP&G is a medium carbon steel that has been ground for accuracy and straightness and makes a quality shaft for any application.


  • How long has been operating?
    Ans- has been operating since 2000 but Kiesler Machine opened for business in 1984.


  • If I need a stainless steel hub can kiesler Machine Inc. supply this?
    Ans- We do made to print parts so this would be no problem. Fax or e-mail your drawing for a price quote.


  • I need a hinge for a light weight gate. What do you recomment?
    Ans- For a gate less than 800 lbs. I would reccomment 800-304. That is rust resistant and resonable priced.


  • Do you sell to indivuals or just Companies?
    Ans- Company or indivuals. We manufacture parts for production quantities to a single piece for maintance repairs.


  • What is a non-handed hinge?
    Ans- It can be used for either a right or left hand swing door.


  • How can I remove the hinge in case of door repair or replacement work?
    Ans- Removing the hinge from the door or gate is as easy as removing the bolts on the bolt on hinges or cutting the welds on the weld on hinges.


  • Do the door hinges from Kiesler Machine Inc work in outdoor applications?
    Ans- Yes. At Kiesler Machine Inc, the hinges are manufactured using a grease seal to keep contamination from entering the bearings, thus extending the life of the hinge.


  • Do you supply machine handles in more than one type?
    Ans- Yes, our machine handles are available in steel and aluminum body. You can select the best-suited option as per your requirements.


  • Which hinge would you recommend for a nuclear research laboratory door?
    Ans- Kiesler Machine’s radiation shielding door hinges are perfect for the heavy-duty doors of a nuclear research center. They are sturdy, durable, and precision-made to sustain the harsh environment of such a laboratory.


  • How many hinges are required per door?
    Ans- A minimum of two hinges (one pair) are required per door.


  • What material is used in the fabrication of your heavy duty steel hinges?
    Ans- Our stainless steel heavy duty hinges are fabricated from 304L or 316L type of stainless steel for better corrosion resistance and enhanced longevity. The carbon steel hinges are made from hot and cold rolled mild steel.


  • What makes the TG&P fully keyed shafting the best choice for power transmission applications?
    Ans- It is precision ground for the perfect fit on pillow block bearings and the straightness is near perfect for vibration free operation.


  • Do you provide discount on orders?
    Ans- We do provide exciting discount offers on bulk orders. You can call our toll free number 888-565-6610, and our representative will explain to you about the discount offers and conditions.