Full Surface Door Hinges

Hinges are used to hold the doors and gates in place, as well as they allow these very heavy gates and doors to open and close with unbelievable ease and efficiently. We manufacture different types of hinges for varied installation requirements, as one type of hinge might not be suitable for two different applications areas. For example, hinges used for radiation shielding applications are different from those used for security gates. One such type of hinge, which is seen most commonly used in most applications is the full surface door hinge. Are you looking for an experienced manufacturer of these hinges? Your search ends here as Kiesler Machine Inc. has a reputation of providing best quality full surface hinges at the most competitive prices.

As the name suggests, both leaves of the hinges remain completely attached to the surfaces. One leaf surface of this hinge is attached to the door, whereas the other leaf surface is attached to the door frame. This type is desirable when mortise or half mortise hinges cannot be used because of the gap restriction between the door and frame.

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    Types of Full Surface Hinges Provided by Kiesler Machine

    There are different types of full surface hinges that we can provide you. Here are some types available with us:

    • Heavy Duty Full Surface Hinges
    • Mortise Full Surface Hinges
    • Security Full Surface Hinges
    • Half Surface Hinges

    Technical Features of the Full Surface Door Hinges Provided by Kiesler Machine

    We have the capability to provide you full surface hinges in the following technical specifications and many more not listed:

    Hinge Size Pin Diameter Barrel Diameter Leaf Thickness Recommended Max Door Weight (lbs) Max Radial Load(lbs)
     Inches      mm  
    5″ x 4 1/8″ 127 x 105 0.500 1” 3/8” 1,000 400
    5″ x 6 1/2″ 127 x 165 0.875 1-3/4″ ½” 3,000 1,220
    14″ x 12.31″ 355 x 312 2 ½” 5″ 1 ¼” 25,000 14,000
    16″ x 20.25 “ 514 x 406 3” 6″ 3” 40,000 25,000

    Beneficial Features of the Full Surface Hinges

    The many beneficial features of these full surface door hinges have made them one of the most preferred hinges in a wide range of applications. The following are some striking features of these hinges:

    • Heavy Duty Construction: Our heavy duty hinges are designed for very large load bearing capabilities with a minimum of force to open and close the door. The hinges can withstand demanding working conditions and provide years of dependable operation.
    • Made in the U.S.A. with pride and American craftsmanship!
    • Material Specifications: Our hinges are fabricated from either carbon steel, 316L stainless steel or 304L stainless steel.
    • Extremely Durable: Being manufactured at our facility, which has an A+ BBB rating, these are the most durable hinges in the market. These products are built to last and deliver years of maintenance free service.
    • Easy to Install: Our door hinges are available either weld on or supplied with mounting holes for bolt on installations.
    • Weatherproof: Our door hinges are designed with a grease seal to prevent contamination from outdoor, dusty or demanding environments.
    • Finish: We provide our hinges standard with a primer coat. Other options are powder coat paint, hot dipped galvanized or cold galvanizing, etc.

    Applications of the Full Surface Door Hinges

    The beneficial features of these full surface hinges make them suitable for use in a number of applications. The following are the four major application areas, where these hinges are most commonly used:

    We can provide full surface hinges in customized specifications, materials, and capacities. Do you have requirements for full surface door hinges in custom specifications? Please contact our team today or email your specifications to request a quote.