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Welcome to security gate hinges section. Here, you will find a vast selection of tamper-proof security hinges for use with industrial, commercial or residential gates. Available in a wide selection of sizes, material types and plating options. These industrial security gate hinges are maintenance free for years of trouble free service.

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    What Makes Security Gate Hinges Different From Others?

    Apart from other heavy duty hinges, industrial security door hinges are different in terms of its construction. Unlike others, these hinges are designed in such a way that the hinge pin cannot be removed or tampered with. Also, they are associated with several other benefits, making them ideal for use with heavy industrial gates.

    • Available in 304L and 316L stainless steel or carbon steel. The use of high quality raw materials and quality craftsmanship guarantees long lasting performance in strenuous industrial environments.
    • Non handed for either right hand or left hand installations
    • Can be custom made with different leaf width or length
    • Exceptional load bearing capacities, making them ideal for heavy industrial gates
    • The hinge can be welded or mounted with holes
    • Manufactured with hardened alloy non-removable pins and precision bearings

    Satisfied Customers across Many Different Industrial Sectors

    Precise manufacturing and continuous quality control help us deliver such durable industrial security gate hinges at economical prices. We have been catering to the demands of customers from:

    • Manufacturing
    • Defense
    • Military
    • Aerospace
    • Construction

    Name Stands for Innovation, Quality Products and Best-in-Class Service

    Being recognized as one of the leading providers of stainless steel and carbon steel security hinges, we never compromise on the quality. The hinges are manufactured using the finest quality raw materials and fabricated solely in our plant. They are the result of proven engineering using manufacturing techniques.