Industrial Hinges

When it comes to the manufacturing of heavy-duty industrial hinges, Kiesler Machine, Inc. comes second to none. We have been consistently delivering high-quality heavy duty industrial hinges since 1999. All our hinges are precisely designed by experienced professionals using the finest quality materials. With everlasting innovation and dependable quality, we custom manufacture industrial hinges as per the customers’ specifications in preferred styles, materials, finishes, and dimensions. Made in the U.S.A. using premium quality bearings and carbon steel or stainless steel grades 316L or 304L ensures years of maintenance free service.

Our Products
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    Model Number Door Weight
    Radial Load
    Size(w/h) Material Finish Hand Technical Data Price Order
    2500 LH-heavy-duty-hinges
    1000 /400 LBS 4 1/8" X 5" Carbon Steel Plain NA

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    2100 LH-heavy-duty-hinges
    4000 /1,630 LBS 7 7/16" X 6" Carbon Steel Primer LH

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    2125 LH-heavy-duty-door-hinge
    8000 /3,300 LBS 7 7/8" X 8" Carbon Steel Primer LH

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    13000 /6,820 LBS 8 1/4" X 8" Carbon Steel Primer LH

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    2200 LH-heavy-duty-hinges
    20000 /8,800 LBS 10 5/8" X 12" Carbon Steel Primer LH

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    2250 LH-heavy-duty-hinges
    25000 /14,000 LBS 12 5/16" X 14" Carbon Steel Primer LH

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    1000 /400 LBS 4 1/8" X 5" 316L Stainless Steel Plain NA

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    4000 /1,630 LBS 7 7/16" X 6" 316L Stainless Steel Plain LH

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    8000 /3,300 LBS 7 7/8" X 8" 316L Stainless Steel Plain LH

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    13000 /6,820 LBS 8 1/4" X 8" 316L Stainless Steel Plain LH

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    Types of Heavy-Duty Industrial Hinges

    In an effort to better serve our customers, we produce several types of industrial hinges with varying load bearing capacities. As they are manufactured using needle bearings and a thrust bearing, our range of heavy-duty industrial hinges can handle heavy loads for years of dependable service. The types of heavy-duty industrial hinges offered by us include the following:

    • Industrial hinges for heavy doors
    • Industrial hinges for gates
    • Industrial pivot hinges
    • Industrial weld on hinges
    • Radiation shielding hinges
    • Industrial hinges for security doors
    • Industrial hinges for security gates

    Specifications of Heavy Duty Industrial Hinges Offered by Us

    At Kiesler Machine, we offer heavy duty hinges that last longer and perform better, thus our motto “Smoother than the rest, guaranteed”.

    We can provide these hinges in the following specifications,

    Mounting Height Hinge Weight Manufacturing Material Hinge Pin Material Door Weight Range Maximum Radial Load
    Weld on or Mounting Holes Between 5" and 16" From 4 lbs. to 477 lbs Carbon Steel or 304L or 316L stainless steel Hardened alloy steel From 1,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. From 400 lbs. to 25,000 lbs.

    Beneficial Features of Heavy Duty Hinges

    As the heavy duty hinges are very durable, we offer the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. Moreover, these heavy duty industrial hinges are the best solution for your commercial and industrial doors that are prone to heavy loads and high stress and usage. At Kiesler Machine, we are equipped to produce heavy-duty industrial hinges with the flowing beneficial features

    • Hinges are in stock for immediate shipment
    • Extreme load bearing capacity up to 40,000 lbs. door weight
    • Availability in left-hand or right-hand configurations
    • Designed for smooth and dependable operation
    • Equipped with heat treated and precision ground alloy steel pins
    • Available in mild steel and 316L or 304L grades of stainless steel
    • Anti-corrosive for use in outdoor installations
    • Interchangeable with competitor models
    • Maintenance free for years of trouble-free service
    • Ideal for a broad variety of industrial applications

    Applications of Industrial Heavy Duty Hinges

    No matter what you need, we do our best to fulfill your requirements. We are instrumental in presenting an extensive range of industrial hinges for applications in:

    • Industrial machine doors
    • Military/Defense doors/gates
    • Heavy duty vault doors
    • Heavy-duty gates
    • Containment cabinets
    • Lead-filled radiation doors
    • Nuclear confinement doors
    • Industrial test cells

    Market Served

    We provide a wide variety of custom industrial hinges to meet the varied demands of our esteemed clients. Backed with an advanced production facility and talented personnel, we have been meeting the ever-evolving requirements of the below markets

    Being one of the trusted organizations in the market, you can be assured with excellent customer service right from order placement till product delivery. Our high-quality industrial hinges benefit you and your daily manufacturing operations for sure!