304/304L Stainless Steel Half Mortise Hinges

Industrial mortise hinges are one of the popular types of hinges that assure security of the doors, gates, and vaults. These hinges can be availed in standard, as well as a custom specifications for half mortise installation. Among various industrial mortise hinges, 304 stainless steel half mortise hinges are popular and widely used in the outdoor environment. The stainless steel variant offers high corrosion resistance allowing it to be used in challenging environmental conditions. Being an industry-leading hinge manufacturer, Kiesler Machine, Inc. offers corrosion resistant 304 half mortise hinges that possess high load-bearing capabilities.


Beneficial Features of 304/304L Stainless Steel Half Mortise Hinges


304 stainless steel hinges offer maintenance-free performance and consistency required for various industrial applications. The following are a few important reasons to use 304 stainless steel mortise hinges:

  • Our stainless steel half mortise hinges are ideal for an environment where oxidation and corrosion resistance is necessary are controlled.
  • Best suited for all types of gates and doors, they are designed to assure smooth operation.
  • These hinges are provided with a plain finish, which provides an aesthetic appeal, thereby making them an ideal choice for industrial as well as outdoor environments, dairy equipment, food industry facilities, etc.
  • They feature non-corrosive design.
  • Kiesler Machine hinges are ideal for doors and gates experiencing extremely high traffic.
  • They are configured for right or left-hand installation.

Applications of 304/304L Stainless Steel Half Mortise Hinges

Our 304 stainless steel hinges are used in many applications across various industries including construction, paper, and marine environment. Some of the applications are:

  • Containment Gates
  • Security Gates
  • Vault Doors
  • Container Doors
  • Interior Doors and Gates
  • Exterior Doors and Gates