Why 1045 TG & P Keyed Shafts are Preferred for Heavy Duty Industrial Applications?

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Why 1045 TG & P Keyed Shafts are Preferred for Heavy Duty Industrial Applications?

The 1045 TG&P (turned, ground and polished) keyed shafts are used for heavy duty industrial applications that require high dimensional accuracy. These keyed shafts offer many benefits than other industrial grade steel varieties such as types 1045 and 1018 CF (cold finished). This post discusses why and how 1045 TG&P keyed shafts are superior to other standard industrial grades, and their contribution to strenuous applications.

Brief Introduction to 1045 TG and P Steel

The 1045 TG and P (Turned, Ground and Polished) type steel has a higher carbon content than many other regular industrial grade steel. As the steel is turned, ground, and polished, so it has a brilliant surface finish and an accurate dimensional size. Also, this steel offers a better concentricity and a tighter diameter tolerance in comparison to cold drawn bars. Type 1045 steel has high tensile strength and it is characterized by its good weldability, high strength, as well as machinability and heat treatment possibilities. Its size accuracy, straightness, and concentricity make it ideal for high-speed applications.

Advantages of 1045 TG and P Keyed Shafts

The above-mentioned properties of TG&P shafts makes them suitable for various demanding industrial applications. These shafts provide the following advantages:

  • Vibration Free Operation at High Speeds: As the shaft is made of TG&P steel, so it has a better bearing fit. Also, these shafts provide vibration free operation at high speeds.
  • Easily Customizable: These keyed shafts can be custom machined to suit any industrial requirement. They can be customized to preferred diameters, keyway widths, shaft lengths, as well as keyway depths.

Applications of 1045 TG and P Keyed Shafts

The durability and high response to heat treatments, make these 1045 TG and P Keyed Shafts ideal for various industrial applications. Some of the popular applications include:

  • Mining
  • Construction and Agriculture
  • OEM Requirements
  • HVAC
  • Power Transmission

If you are planning to source these 1045 TG and P Keyed shafts for industrial applications, then you should source them from a reputed supplier. Kiesler Machine provides industrial grade 1045 TG and P Keyed shafts, and various other industrial shafts at cost-effective prices.
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