Answering the 4 Whats of Weld on Door Hinges

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Answering the 4 Whats of Weld on Door Hinges

A hinge is one of the most important components of any door. It allows you to open the door or close it easily. A hinge acts like a bridge between the door and the door frame. It holds the door firmly to the frame and prevents it from coming out. There is a huge variety of hinges available in the market today. Each type of hinge has a different design, properties, and capabilities. Based on this they are used in various applications. Among the many types of hinges available, one most commonly used types are the weld-on hinges. What is weld on hinges? What makes them popular in many applications? Are these questions bothering you? Well, not anymore. Read the following post to get a clear idea and answers to the questions asked above.

What are Weld on Hinges?

Before we move forward to understanding why weld-on hinges are so popular in many door applications, let us first know what these hinges are exactly. The name of this hinges is self-explanatory. Unlike other types of hinges, which are bolted into place, the weld on hinges are welded to another metal surface. The weld-on hinges are also referred to as weldable hinges, barrel hinges, or lift-off hinges.

What are the Different Types of Weld on Hinges?

Based on the application for which they are used, the weld on gate hinges or weld-on door hinges come in different types, such as follows:

What Makes Them Popular?

There are so many other types of hinges. Still, why is it that the weld on door hinges are highly preferred when it comes to certain applications? It is because of the ease of installation. What are they? Read on:

  • No Drilling and Tapping: Line up the hinges square with the door and frame and weld into place. No on-site drilling or tapping.
  • All-round Performance: Another striking benefit of these hinges is that they deliver an all-round performance. This means that along with providing an attractive method to attach metal doors, these hinges are strong, compact, and durable.

What are the Various Applications of These Weld on Hinges?

Weld on hinges are available in different types, sizes, capabilities and specifications, and find their use in a wide range of applications. The following are some applications, where these types of hinges are most commonly used:

  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Shipping Containers
  • Armored Vehicles
  • Security Gates or Doors
  • Prison/Detension Gates
  • Construction Projects
  • Vault Doors
  • Fire Doors

Apart from the applications mentioned above, the weldable hinges are used in huge variety of commercial and industrial applications, such as LINAC doors, gates, etc.

So, this was everything you needed to know about the weldable hinges. The reasons behind the increasing popularity of these hinges. These hinges are most commonly used for heavy-duty or safety applications, and hence should be sourced from the expert or well-known manufacturers or suppliers. One such expert, which you can consult and seek help is Kiesler Machine Inc. The company has a vast experience in producing high-quality, and high capacity weld on hinges.

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