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8 Types of Traditional Door Hinges – What is Your Choice?

Hinges are the type of hardware that connect two door parts – door frame and door. This basic definition suggests the importance of these hardware in our daily lives. There is abundance of variety when it comes to door hinges. Longevity and security of the door depends on these hinges. Hence, proper selection is important. This post discusses 8 types of traditional door hinges. It will help make your selection easier. Continue reading

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11 Applications of Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy duty hinges are hardware designed to connect two heavy objects and control the rotation between them. These hinges are used to balance the weight of heavy swinging structures such as cabinets, gates, industrial access doors, etc. Made of durable material such as steel and aluminum, these hinges can resist corrosion and last longer than most standard gate or door hinges. Continue reading

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