Heavy Duty Butt Hinges: Types and Working Explained at Length

Heavy Duty Butt Hinges
Heavy Duty Butt Hinges: Types and Working Explained at Length

Butt hinges are one of the most popular types of hinges used today. They are used to support doors and gates in commercial and industrial facilities. Heavy duty butt hinges are used in industrial applications where they may be exposed to heavy traffic and adverse environmental conditions. This post explores butt hinges and offers you insights into their working and their design, etc.

Butt Hinges: How Do They Look

Butt hinges are distinguishable and very commonplace. The hinges feature a large capacity and they are maintenance-free.

Butt Hinges: How Do They Work

Heavy duty butt hinges work similarly to any other commercial or industrial hinges. These hinges provide a limited rotation between the door and jamb. When the door is opened, the knuckle makes the hinges to rotate. The rotating hinges can be pulled away by opening the door. These hinges may feature removable or non-removable pins. If equipped with removable pins, the door can be easily removed for maintenance or other areas. Generally, these hinges are used in environments where security is not needed. Against this, heavy duty butt hinges with non-removable pins are used in environments that demand high security, such as military and defense facilities, security cabins, and so on.

Butt hinges not only support doors and gates in a facility but also assures the security of premises and people. Hence it is important to invest in quality hinges. If you have been thinking of purchasing these hinges for your applications, ensure to source them from trusted manufacturers like Kiesler Machine Inc. The company has been delivering customized butt hinges for outdoor equipment, armored vehicles, container doors, fire doors, and so on. Heavy duty design of these hinges assure trouble-free services for several years. You can get in touch with our experts at Kiesler Machine Inc to learn about heavy duty butt hinges.

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