8 Types of Traditional Door Hinges - What is Your Choice?

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8 Types of Traditional Door Hinges - What is Your Choice?

Hinges are the type of hardware that connect two door parts – door frame and door. This basic definition suggests the importance of these hardware in our daily lives. There is abundance of variety when it comes to door hinges. Longevity and security of the door depends on these hinges. Hence, proper selection is important. This post discusses 8 types of traditional door hinges. It will help make your selection easier.

Top 8 Traditional Door Hinges –Discussed

The following are the 8 popular traditional door hinges in use today:

  • Antique Door Hinges: These are the types of door hinges used in traditional doors, such as ones at cottages, country homes, manor houses, etc. The antique door hinges are fitted to braced and ledged doors, and used with a thumb latch. These hinges are used to hold the door, whereas hinge fronts deliver an authentic look to the door.
  • Butt Hinges: These quintessential door hinges feature dual pivoting plates with interlocking fingers that form a barrel shape. The pivoting planes are held together using a pin. One pivoting plate is attached to the cabinet, and the other to the door. Many butt hinge variants may require a mortise in the door or a cabinet to avoid excessive gap. These hinges are used for exterior and interior doors due to their decent appearance. When the door is closed, both pivoting plates meet or butt together, and only pin is showing.
  • Projection Hinges: The projection hinges are sometimes called precision hinges or butterfly hinges. These hinges can fold back on themselves in 180 degrees. In many homes, these hinges can be seen on doors between the dining and lounge room, or a pair of garden doors. The project hinges resemble a butterfly on folding, and thus, they get the name butterfly hinges.
  • T Hinges: As the name suggests, these hinges resemble the alphabet “T”. The horizontal part of the hinge is fixed to the door frame, and the vertical part is screwed to the door. These hinges are used on chest lids, garage doors, as well as other utility jobs.
  • H Hinges: The H shape of the hinge makes them ideal for multitude of areas in a home, including standard and bifolding doors, as well as cupboard doors, window shutters, etc.
  • Strap Hinges: Strap hinges are one of the old types of traditional door hinges, which are still in use. These door hinges can be used on external and internal doors, and cabinets. These door hinges resemble a thin long strip that appears on the outside or inside of the cabinet door. Strap hinges are available in heavy duty options as well.
  • Weld on/Mount on Hinges: The hinges of this type require no mortise or hole to be drilled in the door or cabinet. They can be simply mounted or welded to the surface.
  • Security Hinges: Security hinges are designed to prevent burglars to detach exposed hinge pins in exterior doors. Today, many homes take precaution to install front doors to ensure hinges are not exposed outside, still it is recommended to install security hinges for added security.

By now, you might have got an idea how different traditional door hinges work. It is also important that you source them from a reliable supplier. Kiesler Machine is one such reliable suppliers of heavy duty hinges and traditional door hinges in the US.

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