Tips for Choosing Hinges for High Traffic Doors

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Tips for Choosing Hinges for High Traffic Doors

Today, you can easily find hinges that are designed for doors or gates varying from 200 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. However, the hinges for high traffic doors are differentiated on various factors including their load bearing capacity, and materials of construction. If you considering one for high traffic door in your organization, then there are certain factors to the considered during the selection. This post highlights different factors that will come to aid during the selection.

Tips to Choosing the Right Hinge for Your High Traffic Door

The various factors which are taken into consideration are explained below:

  • Design: One of the most important considerations, which must be looked into the selection of hinges is the design and its aesthetic appeal. Nowadays, these hinges are designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software during the CNC machining or injection molding. 3D printing or various other designs can be easily drawn on these hinges. You can also consider invisible hinges, which are completely concealed, and are especially used in premium flush doors.
  • Safety: Hinges often play a crucial role in assuring the safety of high traffic doors. Hence, you need to be careful while selecting them. For example: butt hinges can be easily taken down by simply removing the pin with the help of hammer and screw drivers. Choosing durable hinges can help reduce the safety concerns. Also, take care to avoid sharp pointed hinges because they can inflict injuries on fingers or other body parts.
  • Material Quality of Hinges: The main function of any hinge is always supporting a door. Hence, choosing the right hinge can help doors last for decades without any damage or external injuries. Material of construction plays a critical role in the durability of the hinge. Aluminum, steel, and copper are some of the common materials used for the construction of these hinges. As each of these material have their own properties, so you need to check if the hinge made from the particular material will serve your purpose.

All the above-mentioned factors will ease your selection. In addition to that you can always approach an industrial expert like Kiesler Machine.  The company manufacturer’s heavy duty hinges for high traffic doors.

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