Tips for Selecting Garden and Industrial Hinges

Industrial Hinges
Tips for Selecting Garden and Industrial Hinges

Choosing hinges for your garden gate or industrial door can be complicated. Today, there are abundant varieties of gate hinges available for your consideration. A hinge plays a vital role in securing your door or gate firmly to its frame, and allowing its movement. A wrong selection will not only affect the working of your gate, but also you may end up spending on purchasing another hinge, maintenance, or repair. To avoid this, there are certain factors to consider while selecting the gate hinges. This post discusses these factors.

Tips for Selecting Hinges for Your Garden or Industrial Gate

Following are some important factors to keep in mind while selecting hinges for your gates or doors:

  • Aesthetics: Hinges will not only hold your gates in place, but also improve their overall aesthetic appeal. Today it is easier to find various types of aesthetically appealing hinges in the market. The following are some important ones:
  • Strap Hinges: These hinges feature a strap, as well as a pintle, which gives it a strap like appearance. The strap is slipped over the pintle pin during installation. Strap hinges are visible when the gates are closed.Industrial Hinges
  • Butt Hinges: As the name suggests, these hinges are commonly seen on the front side of the gate. The cylindrical shape of Butt hinges makes them easily visible.
  • Butterfly Hinges: These gate hinges receive their name from scalloped butterfly design. Butterfly hinges are made from durable materials, which add to their lasting performance.
  • HHinges: The hinges are a combination of a strap, as well as butt hinges. These hinges are designed to withstand immense loads. They are prominently seen when the gate is closed.
  • Weld on Hinges: These heavy duty hinges are designed for loads up to 1000 lbs. Heavy Duty Weld On hinges are used to hold industrial doors in high traffic areas.Industrial Hinges 1
  • Pintle Hinges: These garden hinges are designed for gates with arched or curved tops. Pintle hinges are ideal for gates, where the gate surface remains flush to the post.
  • Tee Hinges: These hinges are distinguishable due to their T designs. The Tee hinges can be availed in ornamental, as well as heavy duty designs.
  • Swimming Pool Gate Hinges: These hinges are designed for holding gates at swimming pools.
  • Specifications: Knowing dimensions of the gate will ease your selection. For example, for a small to mid-sized gate at your garden, you can consider heavy duty butt hinges. For mid-sized gates measuring more than 42ʺ and 1 ½ʺ thick, you will need heavy duty ball bearing hinges. Many times, heavy duty garden hinges are supported by pintle hinges, as well as strap hinges. The H Hinges are considered the best option for arch-top gates, where users may not like to employ strap hinges.
  • Environmental Exposure: This is one of the most overlooked factors in the hinge consideration. The hinges should always be selected keeping the environment of exposure in mind. Some common materials used for hinge construction are iron, brass, stainless steel, etc.
    • Stainless steel hinges are ideal for all conditions. These hinges are available in various material finishes.
    • Brass hinges are ideal for coastal areas, where they come in contact with salt or brine environment.
    • Copper hinges are ideal for corrosive conditions too.

If you are unable to arrive at the right conclusion, you should always approach an industry expert. He will understand your problem and help you with appropriate selection. Also, you can approach a reputed industrial and garden hinges manufacturer, such as Kiesler Machine to make a right selection.

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