4 Reasons for Choosing Heavy Duty Pivot Hinges for Vaults and Heavy Duty Doors

Heavy Duty Pivot Hinges
4 Reasons for Choosing Heavy Duty Pivot Hinges for Vaults and Heavy Duty Doors

Heavy duty gates are a common sight in industrial areas, and several heavy traffic commercial areas. Have you ever thought what supports these gates? What if these doors slip out of their mounting? If that occurs, there will be a heavy damage to the door structure, and it may injure people who are using the door or nearby it. This is where heavy duty pivot hinges can make difference. These hinges are one of the preferred choices for heavy duty doors and vaults seen in industrial areas, as well as commercial areas like commercial and retail settings. What makes these hinges special? Read the post to know more.

Why Heavy Duty Pivot Hinges are Suited for Hanging Heavy Duty Doors and Vaults?

The pivot hinges are usually attached to the bottom and top of the door. These hinges are available in various designs. For instance, double swing hinges or gravity pivot hinges allow users to open the door in both directions, and close the door automatically. However, a center hung pivot hinge helps easily open and close the heavy duty door effortlessly. The double acting pivot hinges can become invisible, which is why they are a popular choice for areas such as offices, saloons, and large companies, where people admire clean and aesthetically appealing architecture. These hinges receive their name from their typical design. The hinges rotate on their solitary point rather than around a pin.

Heavy duty pivot hinges are an asset to any heavy duty vault or door due to the following reasons:

    1. Reliable Performance: It is seen that many times, the standard hinges are used to support heavy doors. These doors may perform for a few days or may be years, but the hinges may strip due to increasing angular pull. Various screws used to mount the hinge may loosen, and fall. Once this happens, the doors may slip out of the place. However, heavy duty pivot hinges help reduce the angular tension, while holding the door in place for several years. The pivot hinge on the top helps align the door during the swing, whereas the bottom pivot hinge plays a key role in bearing the weight of the door. These two factors leverage the performance of the hinge.

    1. Precise Installation Possible: Most heavy duty pivot hinges are equipped with positive locking, vertical adjustment mechanism. This helps in precise installation of the hinges.

    1. Improved User Safety: Accidents caused by swinging doors are very common in the US. However, heavy duty pivot hinges help avoid this. A precisely installed pivot hinge will help avoid the door from swinging back quickly. This will save people from any sort of potential accidents or injury.

  1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance: Heavy duty pivot hinges are usually made of stainless steel or carbon steel. These materials deliver strength to the hinges, as well as help spruce up their visual appeal. Also, these materials require fewer maintenance, and provide years of trouble-free service.

All the above-mentioned factors have contributed to the selection of pivot hinges for heavy duty doors. However, along with the hinge finishes, it is important to select the right hardware for these hinges. The chosen ones must be perfect enough to withstand the repetitive use. With such an important role to play, it is important that you source these hinges from a reputed manufacturer. Kiesler Machine, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of heavy duty pivot hinges. The company provides these hinges in various finishes such as nickel plated, brush chrome, zinc, and steel matt, as well as diverse specifications.

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