How to Fix Door Hinges that Squeak

Heavy Duty Hinges
How to Fix Door Hinges that Squeak

Over time, door hinges start squeaking or grease comes out of the hinge. That is an indicator that the hinges need to be replaced. Replacing the door hinges should be done only by qualified service representatives because of the very heavy door weight.

Steps for Trouble Shooting Squeaky Door Hinges

The following steps should be followed for reliable service and safely operating heavy-duty doors.

  • Check the Hinge Alignment: If the hinges squeak when installed or shortly afterwards usually means that the hinges are not aligned properly. This condition dramatically reduces the hinge efficiency and life of the hinges.
  • Leaking Grease: Leaking grease usually means the bearings of the hinge are worn out and that makes the grease seal malfunction and lose grease
  • Slamming Doors: The heavy weighted doors of the medical industry’s radiation shielding programs and other heavy doors and gates should not slam against the door stop. This extreme force will break hinge pins and/or mounting bolts is not safe. This will render the door out of service and unusable.
  • Inspection: Visible inspection of the hinges and using standard practices of safety will keep Kiesler Machine Inc. hinges working for years of service.

Be assured – squeaking door hinges are the first signs of hinge failure and needs inspected by a qualified door company for recommendations on resolving the problem.

All the above guidelines will assist you in maintaining the door’s reliable service. When it comes to selecting heavy duty hinges, you should approach the leading industry experts. Kiesler Machine Inc. is a well-known manufacturer for superior quality heavy duty door hinges. Kiesler Machine Inc has been providing customized door hinges to its clients for decades.

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