Know the Usefulness and Versatility of Butt Hinges

Butt Hinges
Know the Usefulness and Versatility of Butt Hinges

Hinges are mechanical devices that connect the door and the frame together, and they also facilitate the door movement. There are various patterns of hinges in terms of the materials used, colors, load bearing capacities, and purposes. Butt hinges are one of the types of hinges used commonly in residential and commercial doors. They are small-sized hinges, usually up to about six inches. These hinges are easy to fabricate and also have a large application in various segments. Butt hinges are made of sturdy metals and may be left as well as right handed. This post discusses the details of butt hinges and their types.

Know More About Butt Hinges

Here are some interesting pointers about butt hinges:

  • Butt hinges are made of laser cut blanks from a hot rolled steel plate. This forms a barrel to make a one-piece hinge that is later fabricated to a sturdy and durable piece.
  • These hinges also find application in industrial units aside from domestic and commercial applications and possess heavy duty construction.
  • Heavy duty hinges have a hardened alloy pin and thrust bearings and are mostly made of carbon steel, brass, or stainless steel.
  • Quite economical and low on maintenance, these hinges are designed to be resistant to chemicals, harsh working conditions, heavy traffic, and corrosion.
  • If you split open a butt hinge, you will know that there are two rectangular leaves with screw holes on either side joined by cylindrical knuckles with the help of thrust pins or ball bearings.
  • For heavy traffic and large door applications, heavy duty door hinges with ball bearings work better.
  • The ones with a pin alloy are good for residential applications or commercial applications with less traffic.
  • There are spring-based butt hinges too. However, they are applicable if the door needs to shut on its own.
  • Plain butt hinges with pins are mainly useful for residential and indoor use.
  • Regular butt hinges can be customized in a way that when the door is opened its level is raised from the floor by about half an inch. These hinges are applicable if there is uneven flooring, thick doormat, carpet, or obstacles placed near the door.
  • For regular use wherein a door needs to be opened and closed frequently during the day, stainless steel or carbon steel butt hinges are the most suitable. These materials are also suitable for outdoors as they do not corrode.
  • For a regular room door, you may need about three to four butt hinges.
  • While a butt hinge may seem small in size and only for regular applications, they can also be designed to be sturdier for security applications.
  • Aside from all the usefulness, butt hinges add an aesthetic appeal to the door.

If you are looking for sturdy yet economical hinges for domestic or commercial applications, ensure you source them from a reputed player. Kiesler Machine is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of superior-quality heavy duty hinges of many types including butt hinges. The company provides these hinges in custom designs and specifications.

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