Heavy Duty Bolt-on Vs Weld-on Hinges Discussed

Heavy Duty Hinges
Heavy Duty Bolt-on Vs Weld-on Hinges Discussed

Heavy-duty hinges are one of the important hardware used to secure gates and doors in commercial and industrial areas. These hinges are known by designs, the material of construction, or the by the way of their mounting. The hinges are mainly distinguished into weld-on and bolt-on hinges based on their mounting. As the name suggests, bolt-on hinges are secured in place using screws or bolts, whereas weld-on hinges are welded onto the metal surface. Weld-on hinges are replacing bolt-on hinges in various applications due to ease of mounting. What is your choice? Read this post to know the typical advantages offered by each of these hinges.

Weld-on Hinges and Bolt-on Hinges – How, Where, and When Answered

Both heavy duty weld-on hinges and bolt-on hinges offer certain benefits, which are due to their designs. The following points will help you understand it better.

  • Mounting: Welding hinges to the door/frame is great for exterior installations but may not be a great choice for interior applications because of possible hinge or door replacements in the future. Bolt-on hinges can be easily replaced or taken down for future improvements.
  • Affordability: Our bolt-on or weld-on hinges are both readily available and reasonably priced.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Either hinge type has great aesthetic appeal.
  • Load Capacities: Listed load capacity is for the hinge only. Actual capacity may be limited by the supporting member structure or mounting technique.
  • Quick Fitment: If you are looking for a quick fitment then bolt-on hinges are the best choice. They can be easily bolted to existing holes, which assures precise fitment. Also, they help you save time on welding or cutting.
  • Tensile Loading: Weld-on hinges or bolt-on hinges will have adequate strength if installed by our guidelines.
  • Applications: Heavy-duty weld-on hinges are suited for permanent applications that are not regularly moved. Thus, these hinges provide strength and security to doors or gates, where they are used. The hinges are usually welded on the metal frame and to the door. Owing to this feature, it is quite easy to find weld on heavy-duty hinges on farm gates, residential gates and doors, armored vehicles, prison gates, vault doors, fire doors, shipping containers, lead-lined x-ray room doors, and many such applications.

Heavy duty bolt-on hinges are designed for temporary applications, where screws may be removed to refit them. They are also suited for applications that require regular dismantling due to various reasons. These hinges are usually provided with holes for mounting the screws or bolts. The hinge leafs are fitted onto a mortise, and then they are mounted flush with the door and frame.

The choice of a bolt-on or weld on heavy duty hinge will entirely depend on your applications requirements. However, the above-discussed factors will help you make the right decision. If you are unable to decide on the right hinge, it is always better to get in touch with an experienced and trustworthy manufacturer like Kiesler Machine Inc. The company has been delivering heavy-duty weld on steel hinges and bolt-on hinges for applications in agriculture, construction, medical, military and defense, and HVAC industries. The weld-on hinges and bolt-on hinges, and other specialty hinges, provided by Kiesler Machine Inc have been very popular in recent years.

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