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What Factors Make Extra Heavy Duty Door Hinges Popular in High Security Areas?

Hinges facilitate the smooth movement of opening or closing of doors. These devices are fixed between the door and the door frame. There are different types of hinges used for a diverse range of applications. Each type has its own set of properties, and applications. Based on their application, the hinges can be categorized into three types – standard hinges, heavy duty hinges, and extra heavy duty hinges. Continue reading

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How to Order Custom Hinges –Part 2

Hinges play a very important role in our daily lives. These hinges can be availed in special dimensions to meet your requirement. In the previous blog, we have discussed preliminary considerations for manufacturing custom hinges. Here we will discuss different customization options available to you while deciding features on your hinges. Continue reading

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How to Order Custom Hinges –Part 1

Hinges are the most important hardware used in our homes and offices. They hold doors and gates in place, and protect us from extruders. Being a very popular hardware, you can easily purchase them from any local brick and mortar hardware store, or from dedicated online hinge stores. However, there are chances that you may not find hinges that meet your application requirements. Continue reading

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