How to Install Door Hinges?

Door hinges are among the important hardware that we use in our daily lives. They help hold doors as well as ensure the safety of people living within a home. Door hinges are distinguished by their application and weight. Heavy duty hinges are one of the popular types of door hinges, which can hold larger bolts. These hinges are larger than regular door hinges, and support more weight. The heavy duty doors are used in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. Do you want to know how these hinges are installed? Read this article. The information it contains will help you sort issues regarding heavy duty door hinge installation at your property.

Basic Considerations for a Heavy Duty Door Hinges Installation

Hinge installation in heavy duty structures requires immense planning. The following considerations will help in making the right selection:

    • Hinge Size: The selection of the right hinge will depend on the weight and width of the door or gate. You can check the safe working loads provided by the manufacturer.
Hinges Sizes

      • Hinge Style: The hinge style is determined by various factors:
        • The materials used for the posts or framework (steel or timber)
        • The materials of construction of the gate or door.
        • The preferred fixing method – welding, tek screws, or coach screws.

      • Left or Right Hand Hinges: The majority of hinge designs allow reversing. However, some heavy duty applications require hinges that need to be specifically left or right handed. Many manufacturers provide the hinges with suffixes LH (Left Handed) and RH (Right Handed). It is very important to decide which hinges you will need for your heavy duty door. It can be done in a simple way:
        • If the door opens toward you, then use the opposite handed hinge against the side it is should be mounted. This means you should use an LH hinge when the door is right mounted, and RH hinge if the door is to be left mounted.
        • If the door opens away from you, then whichever side you plan the mounting, you can use the hinge on the same hand. This means you should use the LH hinge if the door is to be mounted on the left, and RH hinge if the door is to be mounted on the right.
    Left & Right Handed Hinges

    In the next article, we will discuss steps leading to the installation of heavy duty door hinges.