How to Install Gate Hinges?

Hinges are mechanical bearings used to balance the weight and rotation of the gate. So proper hinge installation is a must for efficient gate operation. This post guides you through important steps to ensure easy gate installation, and long-lasting performance.

Steps to Install Gate Hinges

Here is how you can go about hinge installation for proper suspension of the gate.

  • Requirements: There are different types and models of hinges available in the market. The main types include pivot hinges, barrel hinges, case hinges, concealed hinges, strap hinges, and HL hinges. Each hinge is manufactured to fulfill certain requirements. It is very important to understand the various types, their advantages, and disadvantages. Knowing this will help you make a better call when purchasing a certain type of hinge.
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  • Placement: Next, you need to check where you want to place the hinge. Generally, the hinge is placed at the top and bottom of the gate. For heavy gates, a third hinge is added in the middle to support the weight.
  • Mark Holes: This is the first major step towards hinge installation. Grease pencil is the best instrument to mark the hole. You can place the hinges on the gate, and drill pilot holes to check how they will look.
  • Position Hinges: Place the gate on the ground such that the inner portion is facing up. Position the longer flap on the hinge, and ensure that the pivot pin is properly placed, and is not obstructing the movement of the gate. All hinges should be aligned properly and placed evenly for the proper functioning of the gate. Any type of misalignment will affect the gate’s movement.
  • Fixing Hinges: The next step is to remove hinges and drill holes on the marked areas. Ensure that holes are smaller than the screws holding hinges. You can put hinges back on the gate and align them to the holes and fix them with screws. Ensure that hinges are secured properly. Repeat the same process for other hinges, too.
  • Propping the Gate: This may require assistance from someone. Bring the gate to an upright position, and hold it in such a way that the hinges are parallel to the wall or post. Place some blocks below the gate to lift it to the desired level. Position the side of the gate to the post, and the pivot point should be placed between the post and the gate. Ensure that the longer hinge flap is at the gate and shorter flap is on the post.
  • Attaching the Gate: You can align hinges to drilled holes and fix it with screws. Place screw anchors in the holes to enhance screw installation. Next, remove the blocks placed underneath the gate to test if the hinges are operating properly or not. If the hinges are not properly positioned, then remove them and reposition the hinge pins. If satisfied with the hinge placement, swing the gate to test its durability.


You can secure your property by installing a properly suspended gate. If you are unable to manage the installation as discussed above, it is always advisable to approach any reliable professional hardware installation service provider in your area.